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The new Pop Art Gallery, with its new interpretation of POP (Paint On Print), offers a completely new kind of pop art. Artists such as Warhol and Lichtenstein picked up industrial production and printing processes and caricatured them by creating industrial advertising as individual art, or they reduced the technique of four-color printing to their very own presentation of the image pixels.
Paint on Print now reverses this path: industrially manufactured products are subsequently customized and perfected in elaborate handwork. Also in contrast to the industrial methods, the artwork is limited, each artwork title and size is used only 500 times,. Each work of art is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, and each work is hand signed and numbered, and thus a unique one. In addition to that both work and certificate are secured by a hologram security sticker.


POP stands for "Paint On Print", which means that some areas of the printed canvas are painted with acrylic colours.

To give you an idea how that works, here is the way to a piece of art!

The first sketches start in the artist's mind and are either brought to paper in an “old-fashioned” way, but often also designed directly on a tablet or smartphone. From many sketches a first design emerges, which is then further developed as a vector graphics artwork in the computer. This is the only way to ensure that the quality is correspondingly high even in large-format printing.
Thus one could print theoretically both in the size 30 x 40 centimeter, but also 30 x 40 meters, and it would be guaranteed a consistently high quality and resolution.
Further design and adjustments are made on screen, followed by test prints, innumerable versions and various variants arise, until the final version is fixed.
In contrast to a regular painting not the entire picture, but only individual parts are processed in acrylic technique. This creates a tension between the extensive coloured canvas structures and the individual areas with individual brush strokes, thus creating the unique piece of art. This uniqueness is confirmed by a certification. Each work of art is limited to 500 copies of each size. Each picture is hand signed by the artist and marked with the respective number. In addition, this is confirmed by a hologram security label with the serial number on the picture and on the certificate.

The printout is carried out on special printers, which can display any color nuance with a 10-color system, thus achieving a fantastic printing result on high-quality canvas. The canvas is then stretched by experts by hand and with a lot of fingertip feeling on the wedge frame, only so the high quality and tension the canvas is ensured.
Now the next step in the process of the art work is the painting with acrylic technology.
Already during the first designs, it is determined which areas are subsequently painted with acrylic paints. In an elaborate procedure the printing inks were matched with the acrylic paints. Anyone who has already dealt with the subject areas of CMYK and RGB in connection with pigment colours knows how difficult this is. Exact matching cannot be achieved precisely because of the two completely different techniques for colour production, and also the respective light conditions or colour temperatures play an important role.

The artworks are available as POP (Paint on Print) Art, thats means acrylic clours on printed canvas, as acrylic glass print, and some are available as posters, more information here.
Some more details you will find in our videos!