Pretty Woman

Pretty Women
For many people "Pretty Woman" is linked with two things: the film from 1990 with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, and the song by Roy Orbison from 1965. One of the text lines of the song is: “Pretty Woman, walking down the street”, but hardly no one knows how close the relationship between these lines is to the history of the story, and why this has influenced the image of “Pretty Woman”.
Roy Orbison, they say, sat at home with his buddy Bill Dees, and together they tried to write a new song. Then Roy's wife looked inside and asked for some money because she wanted to go shopping. Whether she got it or not, is not known, but in any case she made her way in high heeled shoes, and the rhythm of her steps brought Roy to the idea of ​​this line and this song. The rest is history.
Of course, this story was not the cause for the picture, but during the creation phase, the artist was looking for a suitable title for his Pop Art work, and when he came across this story, the perfect title was found.
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