What makes the Pop Art Gallery so unique?


We only carry artworks where we do have the exclusive rights. These works are only available at the Pop Art Gallery and at no other gallery. The artists (okay, currently it is only one ...) work exclusively for us, and so you can be sure to get an exceptional work of art

POP (Paint On Print)

This process has certainly not been invented by us, but we are one of the few who have so consistently applied it, and have perfected it. Even in the development phase of the images, the areas to be painted in Acryl at a later stage are defined in order to achieve the maximum possible effect. At the same time, it is also ensured that, in case of a printed artwork, for example acrylic glass, a colourful masterpiece will be created.

Limited edition

All works of art (with the exception of posters, of course) are limited to a maximum of 500 pieces, some special editions even to 100 pieces. This refers to the work in its respective size and version; therefore you can be sure to get a real valuable object.



Each masterpiece is hand signed and numbered by the artist to confirm it as a unique original


Each piece of art is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and even this certificate is already a small piece of art.


Security kit

A security label is attached to the picture as well as to the certificate. By means of an imprinted hologram, this label is counterfeit-proof, and a special adhesive prevents a non-destructive detachment, that means in case of an attempt to counterfeit the sticker is destroyed.